Disrupting Traditional Mental Health

Digital Therapeutic

Data-driven Mental Health Care at Scale

  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Cost-Effective

  • Enhanced Mental Health Outcomes

  • Human Compatible AI

State of Mental Health

Mental Health is in Crisis

  • Prolonged wait times, with limited accessibility (up to 2 years)

  • High costs (15 sessions at $250 each for a single issue)

  • Uncertain effectiveness

  • Dependency on self-reporting rather than data-driven insights

  • Inability to connect the dots between maladaptive thoughts patterns and disease conditions

  • Increasing industry pressure for innovation and evolution

MetaBrain Chatbot with Wearable

Our Patent-Pending Digital Therapeutic Augments Care

Our solution bridges the gap between conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs. The MetaBrain Chatbot engages users in Q&A while monitoring their brainwaves, revealing the deep-seated mindsets at play: the ones you’re not consciously aware of. Once identified, users embark on a two-week reinforcement journey, designed to rewire those mindsets and foster lasting change.

Focus Areas:

  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Eating Disorders

Our Brain-Computer
Interface (BCI) Technology

We collect and analyze brainwaves in real-time with our proprietary Chatbot, measuring against the baseline of each user to validate whether or not there is a match between what is known consciously and what it unknown unconsciously. The result determines the next question.

Mindset Restructuring for
Fast Behavioral Change

Humans develop their mindsets based upon experience in a “directive” format to be called upon in similar situations to react spontaneously.  Many are maladaptive.  These are the mindsets we help restructure resulting in changed spontaneous reactive behavior, reducing stress.

AI Helps Users Identify
Mindsets for Restructuring

Every user is free to choose, self-select the mindsets they find limiting and want to change.  AI is only used to predict what mindsets are possible based upon the data of many similar human experiences, the user’s personal story, and the real-time chatbot conversation.

Fast, Fun & Effective.

Empowering Mindsets for Remarkable Achievement

MetaBrain Labs provides an expedited pathway to transformation, enabling individuals to reshape their behavior within a mere two-week timeframe. The potential applications are extensive, encompassing various scenarios, such as:

  1. Empowering sales teams to trust their innate ability to engage customers more effectively and confidently.
  2. Enhancing the performance of individual athletes or sports teams by tapping into their core strengths for competitive success.
  3. Boosting innovation by eliminating self-doubt, allowing for more effective problem-solving.
  4. Facilitating breakthroughs in product development by accessing latent ideas residing just below conscious awareness.
  5. Investigating the correlation between specific stressors and particular disease conditions, aiding in disease prevention.
  6. Supporting individuals in recovering from self-esteem damage caused by social media interactions.
  7. Promoting self-love and self-acceptance as essential aspects of mental well-being.
The Wearable Portable Affordable EEG headset


MetaBrain Chatbot

We offer a 2-week pilot customized to your business need so you can learn how to leverage our product successfully.  A trial with selected customers is recommended so you can experience the power of fast behavioral change.

Note:  Our Chatbot only asks the questions and makes suggestions.  Users are always in the driver’s seat choosing.  The Chatbot also, never gives advice.

Hello, from MetaBrain Chatbot!

You've chosen to address all or nothing thinking. I'm here to help. Let's explore why. Why do you think you don't want anything when you can't have what you want?

I only want what I want.

This answer is validated as true when I test your brain waves. What would you like to believe instead?