Golf Pilot Results



Research Questions


      • Does Meta-Brain Lab technology change golfers’ putting performance?

      • Does Meta-Brain Lab Technology change golfers’ putting mechanics?

    • Does Meta-Brain Lab technology change golfers’ performance anxiety for putting?



Golfers:  Study participants were all based in the USA. They were recruited through the leadership team’s personal contact and a LinkedIn post aimed at golf instructors.

Procedures:  Golfers completed a pre-intervention survey that measured performance anxiety about putting, and beliefs about putting ability. The survey also collected demographic information. Golfers then completed two putting tasks.



      • N = 28 golfers

      • Age: M = 42.19 years old

      • Gender: Men = 27 Women = 1

      • Ability: M = 87.57 (18-hole score)

    • Experience; M = 25.75 years playing




      • 8 foot putting task

      • 20 foot putting task

      • Technical putting mechanics

      • Performance anxiety

    • Ability beliefs




      • Pre and post-intervention testing

      • Dependent sample t-tests

    • Regression analysis



Putting Tasks

Psychological Measures:


      • How many putts made from 8 ft do golfers make (10 balls)

      • Aggregated distance from 20 ft (5 balls)

    • Blast Motion golf sensor & App



      • Fixed mindset (Dweck, 1999)

    • Revised Competitive State Anxiety-2 (CSAI-2R) (Cox et al., 2003)



Meta-Brain Labs Chatbot Session (Intervention)


      • After golfers completed the pre-intervention survey and putting tasks, they participated in a Chabot session using Meta-Brain Lab technology.

      • EEG Neurotech measured brainwaves transmitted to the tech platform for real-time analysis while each user engaged the Chatbot addressing putting performance under stress.   Incongruence between golfers’ stated beliefs and their unconscious beliefs were identified. Based on the appraisal, a set of reprogramming statements were generated to change a golfers’ self-limiting beliefs, within 2 weeks.

      • Golfers in the study were asked to complete the Meta-Brain Lab reprograming statements twice a day for two weeks.

    • After two weeks of Meta-Brain Lab reprogramming, they completed the post-intervention survey and putting tasks.








Strong Findings


    • The results of this pilot study are encouraging. More research is needed to replicate the findings under more controlled conditions.



Improves  Putting


    • Preliminary results suggest that Meta-Brain Lab training can improve golfers’ putting performance and critical technical metrics.



Reduces Anxiety


    • In addition to putting performance improvement. This pilot study suggests that Meta-Brain Lab training can reduce golfers’ anxiety.


The Study Lacked Robust Controls


      • Variation in how study was administrated.

      • Variation in golfers’ adherence to study protocols.

      • Study administrators were used as participants.

    • Participants completed putting tasks in different locations under different conditions.


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