Elite play elusive? Adaptive Theory to win.

Undeniable spirit and will are designed into humankind that far exceeds its basic instinct for survival. Humanity wants to triumph and thrive. Particularly in sports, performing to win is materially important to the lives of hundreds of millions globally. Years of study of the human condition and how it connects with one’s world produced unique insights into the aspirations, trials, and unmet needs of everyday people. The thesis of Adaptive Theory is that humans respond to their current personal environments based upon established belief systems formed from past similar experiences.

The human operating system is what links our body, mind, and the rest of the world, similar to a computer operating system that provides an interface to engage with its hardware and software, to initiate a request, triggering a response. Like a computer, humans inherently possess the power to change, to reprogram themselves.

In Adaptive Theory, re-programming requires removing the previous perception and overwriting it with what is desired. To accomplish this, we deconstructed how the human brain is programmed with perceptions from experience. Comprehending that the unconscious mind is the lens through which both past and in-the-moment events and experiences are appraised, Adaptive Theory helps re-program those belief systems that may be self-limiting or, when not adhered to, invoke the stress response system.

Adaptive Theory prevents the stress response system from engaging because it treats the causes of stress. And anyone can modify their negative perceptions and reframe them to generate positive outcomes, regardless of how or when they were established.

So, think “inner coach” and playing golf with greater predictability and control. A Meta-Brain is “the brain for this game”. Because the brain “rules” the body, Meta-Brain Golf™ will free up mental barriers blocking better physical performance. A more powerful inner self with a stronger and permanent level of mental fitness will feel better and play the type of game you want.

Meta-Brain Golf