Old-world questions. Futuristic answers. Adaptive Theory.

The goal of Adaptive theory is to reduce the conflict between conscious experience and unconscious programming and produce more positive responses to one’s environmental stimuli.

Human self-awareness and most of its “knowing” remains below consciousness. This knowing, beyond primitive reactive fight, flight, or freeze responses, consists of DNA, in utero markings, and the perceptions or beliefs accumulated throughout life. Both previously held beliefs and in-the-moment experiences act as “programming” of the unconscious mind. This “programming” is automatically recalled when experiencing similar situations dynamically during life. Experiences aligned to this programming will avoid stress. The inability to act out programmed reactions will activate the stress response system. 

Extensive research into the theory of adaptive behavior led Meta-Brain Labs to develop a novel hyper-learning process enabling re-programming of the human brain – essentially “un-learning” outdated beliefs that prevent positive outcomes. Because the process addresses the causes of stress it prevents automatic triggering of the stress response system altogether.

Adaptive theory demonstrates that our perceptions not only shape our own personal world, but they also create our collective experience and if humanity is going to continue, it must come to terms with the impact of our perceptions and learn how to modify them when they don’t produce positive results. Doing so also reduces stress, improves reasoning and a sense of well-being.

Now more than ever and with many at the breaking point, treating the causes of stress will have a profoundly positive impact on human life.

Read Alexandrea Day’s ground-breaking book, “Meta-Brain.”

Meta-Brain Therapy