Meta-Brain Labs Corporate Overview

Organizing Principle

The human condition is challenged by a world marked with tension and a ballistic rate of change. Mind and body are stretched in coping with it, and achieving one’s aspirations faces a higher degree of difficulty imposed by seemingly random, uncontrollable conditions. And yet, there is spirit, resilience, and an undeniable will designed into humankind that far exceeds its basic instinct for survival. Humanity wants to triumph and thrive.

The Vision for a Meta-Brain Humanity

Helping humanity at a scale sufficient to be meaningful requires radical innovation. The kind born out of breakout thinking, take-the-hill courage, and uncommon wisdom about life and living free. Meta-Brain Labs has found its purpose in meeting the unmet needs emerging from crisis and stress on one end of the human spectrum and the opportunity for abundance and goodness at the other.

With a penchant for challenging orthodoxy, NeuroTech innovator, clinician, futurist, and CEO of Meta-Brain Labs, Alexandrea Day, has pioneered advances in societal health and human achievement. Her lifetime of behavioral research combined with thousands of client interactions has accrued into a holistic understanding of the human operating system and its intrinsic potential. Earned insights and unique interpretations of the health-related needs and aspirations of the human condition and how it connects with the world became the motivational force to create a scalable breakthrough in behavioral analysis and treatment methodology.

Ever believing in human possibility, the inspiration for a Meta-Brian capable of healthy and powerful living emerged. As explained in her book Meta-Brain: Re-programming the Unconscious for Self-directed Living, her category-defining process of identifying and modifying self-limiting beliefs stored in the unconscious goes well beyond the concept of table-stakes analysis and self-help treatments. It defines a new category of bespoke and actionable self-appraisal, self-change inherent in all of us.

Science-backed Innovation

Human self-awareness and most of its “knowing” remains below consciousness. This knowing, beyond primitive reactive fight, flight, or freeze responses, consists of DNA, in utero markings, and the perceptions or beliefs accumulated throughout life. Both previously held beliefs and in-the-moment experiences act as “programming” of the unconscious mind. This “programming” is automatically recalled when experiencing similar situations dynamically during life. Experiences aligned to this programming will avoid stress. The inability to act out programmed reactions will activate the stress response system. Now more than ever and with many at the breaking point, treating the causes of stress will have a profoundly positive impact on health and performance across all of life’s endeavors.

Extensive research into the theory of adaptive behavior led Meta-Brain Labs to develop a novel Hyper-learning process enabling re-programming of the human brain – essentially reversing or “un-learning” outdated beliefs that prevent positive outcomes. Because the process addresses the causes of stress it prevents automatic triggering of the stress response system altogether.

Hyper-learning also addresses the opportunity side of the human condition. Goals can be set and beliefs examined to see what reprogramming is needed to achieve them. By finding the barriers to success and then reversing them through the adaptive Hyper-learning process, one can align to a chosen or aspirational course of life. A life that functions on cognitive choices instead of emotional responses empowers healthy living and achievement. A brain that attains this desired state of living is a Meta-Brain.

Advanced NeuroTech and our extensible software platform combine for personalized human language conversations through a chatbot. Each chatbot application is customized with specific programs for real-life at work, at home and at play environments. The dialog first discovers self-limiting beliefs or perceptions, and the user can then choose replacements for negative perceptions to produce the positive performance and health outcomes they desire. Reinforcement of these replacements is accomplished through in-App reminders that ensure that positive outcomes are permanent.

This technology platform allows discovery and remedy at scale for all currently planned and future solutions. And for each discreet application and user environment, it’s accessible on-demand and at a pace each specific user prefers. It’s unique, powerfully effective, and its uses are many as amplified in four business units based on the adaptive process platform.

Sports Performance

Sports is not only a main feature of modern culture, it’s big business. It’s also intensely personal. Many in this at play world are on a personal mission to improve performance so they can achieve higher levels of competitiveness, reward, and enjoyment. That’s why we’re developing a range of products for the sports world, especially the sports that would most benefit from a Meta-Brain.

Among the “brainiest” of sports is the game of golf. An infinite number of shots, multiple clubs, and variable course conditions all contribute to the complexity of golf’s physics. But mastering it requires more than good equipment, lessons, and frequent practice.

Meta-Brain Golf™ is our first entry into the Sports Performance-Mental Fitness category. It’s designed to build the mental fitness necessary to optimize physical performance. Golfers with a Meta-Brain play with a state of mind where fear of failure, lack of control, and frustrations are overcome through guided adaptive hyper-learning. Mind and body sync for a higher level of performance that lasts.

Enterprise Transformation

Another among our early product initiatives is an App that addresses the need for exemplary leadership in at work environments. For those immersed in growth and improvement journeys, we developed Meta-Brain Leader™. Executives, managers and teams in business, government, and non-profit organizations will discover how hyper-learning strengthens leadership and augments investments in coaching, learning systems, and talent development.

But because no one owns the franchise for leadership, Meta-Brain Leader™ is for everyone regardless of where they sit on an organization chart. Many new leaders will emerge from the inner strength and confidence gained by their Meta-Brains.


Think big picture humanity. Meta-Brain Adaptive Living™ will harmonize mind and body on a macro scale. It’s a major undertaking and we’re doing extensive research to make it capable of life’s many nuances, anomalies, and a diversity of perspectives and situations. In the end, it will align mind and body in a healthier human ecosystem that’s more energized to pursue new accomplishments. We can’t think of a nobler cause to pursue in earnest. The upside is grand.


We’re intrigued by the limitless potential of creative minds that can complement our own. Our strategy openly encourages creative developers, researchers, and strategic partners to join us on the path of continuous innovation. We will license the Meta-Brain platform and openly support their inventions so together we can extend the boundaries and benefits for Meta-Brain Humanity.