Sports Performance Training Orthodoxy

Athletic ability and mental toughness are the common denominators of winning across the entire sports complex. Historically, the training context for achieving “peak performance” has been the physical-athletic aspect – strengthening bodily mechanics and codifying athletic routines necessary to consistently play “in the zone”. Sports psychology later emerged because of brain-body interdependencies requiring a more comprehensive approach to performance optimization training.

Innovation Begins with Questioning Orthodoxy

While the combination of athletic and psychological training has worked reasonably well for some of the world’s greatest athletes, burnout is a hidden factor for many elite performers. And broader questions persist unanswered about how to elevate performance for a greater multitude of sports players outside of the professional ranks.

Neuro-Tech innovator, behavioral clinician, and CEO of Meta-Brain Labs, Alexandrea Day, discovered the mental barriers preventing people in all of life’s endeavors from living healthier and more fulfilling lives. In her ground-breaking book, Meta-Brain, she explains her science-backed process of self-appraisal and self-change that unlocks human potential.

Her pioneering work analyzed the root causes underlying the mental strength challenges across the sports complex. She established the Sports Performance practice at Meta-Brain Labs to help players develop the mental fitness needed to elevate performance and enjoyment. Her singular focus: build Meta-Brain athletes.

Building Meta-Brain Athletes

In taking a problem-solving approach to “brain training” in sports, numerous crucial, no-compromise product goals emerged.

·         Identify the unconscious perceptions and beliefs that may be affecting performance.

·         Apply proven scientific principles in a guided, personalized behavior change journey. 

·         Unblock the mental barriers that enable moving from inconsistent to good and onward to elite performance.

·         Improve learning retention so that positive behavior changes are permanent.

·         Demonstrate improvements in mental fitness measured in a few weeks versus months.

·         Create a scalable solution for “many” that can be precisely tailored for “individuals”.

·         Make it easy to use so that “fits” with the schedules and way people desire to learn.

These and other important goals have been applied in developing our first NeuroTech sports performance product, Meta-Brain Golf™.

Arnold Palmer - Golf is a mental game.

Mental Fitness. Period.

Among all the sports, the game of golf explicitly self-identified as needing a higher order of mental fitness to achieve consistent good play. None other than Jack Nicklaus said that “golf is 90% mental and 10% physical”. Arnie thought about the game in the same way. The complex physics of the game requires much more than athleticism, good equipment, and solid fundamentals. Playing good golf takes a Meta-Brain.