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We’re committed to continuous innovation and intrigued by the limitless potential of creative, enterprising minds that can complement our own. Our strategy openly encourages developers, researchers, and strategic partners to join us on the path of continuous innovation. We will license the Meta-Brain platform and openly support their inventions so together we can extend the boundaries and benefits for Meta-Brain Humanity.

We will roll out your SDK onto your servers, design and deliver your application per requirements, test with validation partners, help commercialize your product to market at an affordable cost.

New Application Possibilities

The underlying function of Adaptive Theory is that it measures human intent. This opens up several strategic applications.

  • Identity Authentication – Digitizing the uniqueness of brainwaves paces the way for identity authentication that is not hackable.
  • Personal Alert System – Human intent can be measured in real-time, enabling wearables to deliver personal notifications.
  • Metaverse – Combining AI, Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI), and VR creates the opportunity to fully engage the Metaverse, including morphing, universal language, and harassment protection.
  • Predicting Disease Conditions – The combination of BCI and AI maps emotional states and perceptions to the genome predicting disease condition probability across the population.