“Hijacked by Mr. Three Putt”

By Joel Peddle, Ed.Brand Ambassador, Meta-Brain Golf™

Like many golfers three-putting or even four putting can cause your score to dramatically increase and leave you frustrated. It’s a golf memory that is damaging, leaving our unconscious mind with files to be replayed and affect future rounds. On most evenings after I’ve recuperated from the round, I reflect on the good and the bad of my performance, check my stats, and attempt to remember as much as I can about the round. Sometimes my reflection is clouded by “that hole” where I allow a great round, turn into a nightmare. I can accept the consequences of a poor tee shot, but it’s the hole where I find the fairway, hit the green, and then three- or four-putt that wreaks havoc in my mind. Does this sound like you?

Putting has always been a strength of mine. I love to practice putting and have researched the mechanics of learning how to be an effective putter. I’ve spent countless hours on my putting mechanics, going from one drill to the next, and I am proud to say that my putting technique is smooth and silky, but let me be honest with you, I am not a birdie machine. Am I discouraged by that omission?

Absolutely not, thanks to the stat wizards for the PGA TOUR. The average number of birdies a PGA TOUR pro has per round is only 3.6 for the 2022 season. I don’t know about you but knowing that statistic is extremely encouraging. Another gleaming stat is that of Rory McIlroy, our current number one player in the world as of the writing of this article. For the 2022 season, Rory accumulated 32 three-putts out of 60 rounds of golf or an average of 2.96 three-putts per round. So, after reflecting on those stats, I cannot wait for my 2023 golf year. Why? Because I must give myself three-putt grace. 

But wait a minute, you’re probably asking, “Joel what is causing your three-putts?” I never knew the answer to this question, other than to blame my technique, tempo, environment, or even my playing partners. The first thing that many golfers do is revert back to technique and there might be good reason to, and I did just that. But I discovered through simulated drills that my three-putting was not mechanical at all but mental. Feeling frustrated and lost, I surfed the web for answers. Rather than consulting the websites of some of the best putting coaches in the world, I decided to google phrases like brain therapy, brain performance, mental performance, mental sports performance, and finally saw a picture of an athlete wearing an EEG device that caught my attention.

After a few clicks here and there, and within a short period of time, Alexandrea Day, founder of Meta-Brain Labs contacted me. What Alexandrea shared with me over the course of a month was nothing I had ever imagined. Meta-Brain Golf™ technology, as she explained has the ability to identify an unconscious self-belief that affects my motor performance, which for me was fear of putting too far past the hole, and how to reprogram my brain to eliminate that fear. 

Now, the next few sentences are the most important information you can take from this article. Since utilizing Meta-Brain Golf™ technology, my fear of putting too far past the hole is gone.  Disappeared! Vanished!  It’s just not there anymore. Eliminating an unconscious self-belief that tormented my mental performance, has now allowed my mind to have freedom to execute the necessary skills to be a more efficient putter. Does Mr. Three Putt show up in my golf rounds? Of course. But again, the fear of putting too far past the hole is gone.

My joy and love for golf has returned and it never hurts to look up the stats of the professionals, because more than likely they are struggling with the same issues. So, you are probably thinking that if it worked for me, it can work for you. And the short answer is YES.  The Meta-Brain Golf™ app will revolutionize golf performance.  Email me at joel@metabrainlabs.com for more information on how you can get started on the right track to improve your mental performance on the golf course.

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