Platform, App Chatbot & EEG-enabled Headset

How We Create Access to the Unconscious Mind

The platform analyzes brainwaves as they are received from the Chatbot App, in real-time. The algorithm is proprietary but in essence the platform compares a user’s brainwaves while they are answering questions with their baseline numbers. The goal is to determine if a user’s answers are aligned between what in is the conscious knowing and the answer held in the unconscious mind using the baseline of a stated truth and a stated lie, for calculation. This is for the purpose of mindset restructuring of limiting beliefs.

True answers (what we consciously know and what is know in the unconscious mind) reveal a non-stress set of brainwaves.

meta brain labs platform


The platform pushes the next pre-configured question to the App based upon the results of the EEG-analysis, valid, invalid or inconclusive.  When the session is completed, the platform supports and tracks the user’s engagement with recording the restructuring statements and playback.  Analytics are included in the platform as well as user and content management for coaches, companies, researchers.

Note:  Stress signals in and of themselves do not mean an answer is invalid.  It’s the comparison between an answer during the session and the baseline at the beginning that determines validity, or not.

The MetaBrain Chatbot App offers programs based upon an area of focus.  The user selects the one they want to engage and they begin their baseline test.  They have the EEG-enabled headset on and it’s connected to the App with Bluetooth.  The chatbot asks a user to claim their name and then follows with asking the user to claim a name that is not theirs, essentially asking the user to lie.  Brainwaves are recorded and then used to measure answers thereafter during the Chatbot QA, in the focus area to determine if the user’s answers are valid, invalid, or inconclusive.

The QA between the chatbot and the user continues until the user has valid answers to questions that outline their identified mindset they want to change and then the restructuring mindset they will replace it with.  These are then recorded in the App and the user plays them back in a relaxed state 2x a day for 2 weeks, with in-App notifications to ensure the reinforcement is accomplished, creating permanent mindset restructuring of beliefs held in the unconscious mind.

Any EEG-enabled headset will work to collect and push brainwave data to our App using Bluetooth.  However, we selected BrainLink, a China-based manufacturer, to integrate with because of its affordable price point and its ease of use.  Its also very reliable.  The Headset is fitted onto the user’s head, with sensors touching the forehead.  There is also a grounding clip to attach to the ear lobe.  Approximately five to six Beta and Theta brain wave signals are received per second, through a Bluetooth connection, while a user is answering a question, averaged, and then compared to the baseline signals.



The EEG-enabled headset is safe to use and is only required for the discovery process which takes 8-12 minutes for each area of focus a user wants to address.

The headset does need occasional charging.  The gear is removed and plugged into a device with a USB cord.  The headset is also easy to sanitize for use by others.

There are programs for users to consume based upon their desired change.  For example, if you are a public speaker but find you get tired after speaking its probably due to being in a stressed state while speaking.  Why?  It’s related to unconscious mindsets that are not aligned with the consciously chosen activity, public speaking.  This often results from parental upbringing where free expression was discouraged or even, not allowed. This person could then explore the, Becoming a Better Public Speaker Program, in the App, to identify and shift a mindset, freeing them to speak fully, without tiring.

Any mindset that is not adhered to produces stress.  Most of the time we do act on our “programming.”  However, life does not always allow us to as change occurs, demands are made on us, or our enviroment changes.  To adapt, and avoid “breaking the code” and producing stress, we have the option to change, to modify, flip, reset, reframe any mindset to match the change.  This frees us to live more peacefully in our lives and with others.

A custom feature also exists to allow people to request a program.  Each program is then converted to questions asked by the Chatbot during a session while brainwaves are measured to determine valid, invalid, or inconclusive with the goal to identify those mindsets in the unconscious that are not supportive of consciously-chosen goals.