When Striving for Peak Performance the Ultimate Conflict is Within Oneself

Meta-Brain Golf™ was designed to help golfers explore the unconscious state of the mind on a very personal, 1-to-1 level and overcome any dissonance between the mental and athletic aspects of their game. It puts the brain and body in harmony through better mind control over typical stress-inducing situations arising from the game’s complexities.

Meta-Brain Golf™ Treats the Causes of Stress and Strengthens the Ability to Adapt

A golfer will first probe their unconscious during the self-appraisal phase of the process to reveal any self-limiting beliefs and perceptions and why they exist. Once the reasons are identified, a guided path of self-change emerges to achieve the desired result.

Meta-Brain Golf™ applies NeuroTech to cross-disciplines of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Adaptive, Learning and Self-affirmation Theory. EEG-enabled NeuroTech measures brainwaves and informs a chatbot Q&A module that reveals misalignments between what a person thinks they know and what is actually true from within. What one knows, what one wants consciously, and what one doesn’t think can be done is revealed by listening to one’s self-talk through the chatbot.

Meta-Brain golfers will work at this, and the behavioral science embedded in the application will guide them step-by-step from problem discovery to solution reinforcement. They will acquire higher levels of clarity about their inner selves and leverage the newfound confidence that was always within their power to achieve and maintain. Better control, more consistency, and greater predictability prevents golfers from failing forward. That’s why we say Meta-Brain Golf™ delivers Mental Fitness. Period.

App Programs and EEG-enabled Chatbot Session