Discovering the What and Whys of Performance Shortfalls

Learning is the most powerful force for change. We analyzed every facet of benchmark golf play so that both avid and aspiring new golfers could achieve a new golf self. By then applying NeuroTechnology across the disciplines of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuroscience, and Learning Theory, we discovered a way for golfers to overcome their triggered emotional responses.

Hyper-learning is a form of self-directed, non-linear learning using modern information technology. It is a method of probing deep inside the unconscious to uncover multiple levels of why in one’s “programming”. Golfers honestly discover their individual self-limiting beliefs and perceptions blocking elite performance and are guided to un-learn that programming. They then re-learn (i.e., re-program themselves) with new perceptions that pave the way to better performance.

Hyper-learning Begins With Problem-solving

A golfer first internalizes any number and type of performance issues, the whats. For example:

  • Why do my puts always come up short?
  • Why can’t I straighten out my drives?
  • Why do I typically blow a shot when people are watching?
  • Why can’t I recover quickly from bad shots?
  • Why do I always play ultra-conservatively?

Understanding All the Whys is Key to Hyper-learning

The chatbot then leads a line of questioning around typical issues like these and the desires for improvement that they imply to find the whys. There usually are multiple levels of why to peel back and analyze. One’s true inner self emerges.

  • Brain waves are measured to determine the validity of golfer’s responses, and then the process directs unintended automatic responses to be converted into intended ones.
  • Bite-sized learning pieces ensure focused attention on 1 effort, 1 movement at a time.
  • Guided and continuous reinforcement transfers automated response modification into the actions desired.

It’s intuitive because it engages you in a dialog with yourself using human language and a conversational tone. It’s easy to use and available on your command so you can learn when and at the pace that you prefer.

You'll Notice the Difference

Meta-Brain Golf™ goes above and beyond the brain golfers think they know and adjusts belief system programming. By helping you know yourself better, you can modify your behavior when necessary. And it’s a science-backed way to holistically align mind and body into a better performing biosystem.

What is a Meta-Brain? It’s a full-functioning, resilient, hyper-learning machine that can adapt to anything.