Grow With Us

Leveraging its resourceful and adaptive character, Meta-Brain Labs is advancing through the start-up stage with a lens that is future-back. The digitally intermediated age and ballistic rate of change has made scale and efficiency two of our most prominent operating principles. As markets continue to evolve from complicated to complex, we remain externally focused – sensing and acting in real time.

Our experienced leadership team is currently executing market analysis, strategy formulation, financial modeling, product development, pilot testing in two lines of business, and market shaping activities. We have successfully achieved proof of concept and have filed for patents.

We encourage interested parties to inquire about investment opportunities and platform licensing. We welcome dialog concerning our technologies, strategies, program status, and needs going forward.


UPDATE:  We have launched our WeFunder Campaign to raise $1.8MM in a crowdfunding round.  What this means is that anyone can own a piece of Meta-Brain Labs’ vision.