Augment Performance Training with NeuroTech

You know how to teach performance excellence.  Your clients learn from you and put the learning into practice with you, and during practice sessions without much difficulty.  You get excited about how much improvement has been achieved.

Then, the breakdown happens when execution of what has been learned actually counts, as your clients feels performance pressure, other eyes on them, or just starts to over-think execution.

Your real winners are created by eliminating the negative thoughts that come to mind, like self-doubt, fear of failure, or over-confidence, to name a few when executing their new learning.  

Meta-Brain provides the tools and prescription to eliminate negative thoughts so execution of what has been learned is delivered flawlessly, under pressure, consistently.

We help you create more winners! 

Date:  March 30 & 31

Time:  9am – 4pm

Location:  Orlando, FL

Cost$5500 $2850*

Seats Available:  20


*Inaugural Certification Only

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced performance, executive, or life coaches looking to create more consistent training execution
  • Coaches that want to augment their teaching with adjustments to the mental blocks that hinder client performance
  • Performance futurists that are early adopters of technology to solve problems
  • You can identify a client’s strengths and areas for growth but still struggle with modifying their self-defeating thoughts
  • You see the mind as the final frontier to tackle that will drive an even higher level of performance
  • Those that want to give their clients the power to program their minds for success

What You Will Learn

  • How the brain determines performance based upon Cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as learning, self-affirmation, and adaptive theory
  • Master the art of probing questions to elicit underlying beliefs that drive self-defeating thoughts that hinder execution of your training
  • How to use Meta-Brain NeuroTech with clients to dramatically grow your coaching business

What Certification Means

Becoming certified to guide clients through mental thought adjustment is an art that comes naturally to therapists that customarily speak to clients about how they feel and why.   Coaches that train hard skills can learn how to add soft skill training and guide their client’s introspection to analyze and change self-defeating thoughts while using the App and EEG-enabled headset.  That is the highlight of our training and certification.  In addition of course, you will learn how to use the App and headset, instruct your clients how to use it so you can support them through the mental change process in alignment with how you coach.  As your clients achieve greater mental clarity and confidence you can then create and assign custom programs to them to further extend their potential.

We know that telling someone to set aside feelings or thoughts does not work.  Blocking thoughts does not work.  We know that changing the perceptions that underlie the thoughts and feelings, does.  This is what you will learn, practice, and transfer to your clients.

1.  Become certified to augment your coaching business with the Meta-Brain NeuroTech solution and receive support, promotion and referrals from Meta-Brain Labs.  Reseller revenue is also made available to Meta-Brain certified coaches.

2.  Become a coach trainer for Meta-Brain Labs as part of the team (requires additional training).  You will earn training fees and product commissions.




1-year subscription & Headset Included ($750 value).


Learn More

Contact us to discuss details.  You can also review, “How it Works.”

Need Another Location / Day?

Sign up for certification training in San Diego on April 21-22 (Friday – Saturday)

Your Instructor

Ed Krow

Ed is a talent and company culture expert who challenges the traditional model of HR and prepares decision-makers for motivating their people with a win-win strategy in the Experience Age.

The only Talent Transformation Expert in his field, Ed has helped over 250 clients achieve talent and culture transformations, including Fortune 500 companies like Bosch, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. When the world went virtual, he was invited to speak to the Global Soft Skills Community at Microsoft, with excellent reviews and feedback, a testament to his value during times of rapid change.

Starting at UPS, Ed worked from the ground up. Along the way, he noticed that the best results happened when people could do their work without having to change who they were – a critical insight.

Ambitious and eager to add value, Ed was given a chance by a leader who believed in him. His career at UPS was pivotal. Buoyed by his insight and a desire to help others, Ed’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to become a consultant in strategic human resources. Twenty years later, Ed continues to find his work professionally and personally rewarding. 

A speaker, trainer and coach certified by The John Maxwell Team; Ed’s topics bring a refreshing perspective on how to leverage what is commonly viewed as “people problems” and turn negative growth into business success.

Ed is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Forbes Coaches Council, and a regular contributor to He is the author of “Strategic HR: Driving Bottom Line Results Through Your People”.

When he’s not speaking at conferences or helping clients, Ed teaches at Millersville University. His first love is family, with golf vying for a tight second. If you do catch him at home, he’s likely cheering for the Notre Dame or Baltimore Ravens football teams.