Meta-Brain Golf

Meta-Brain Golf™ – Why We Designed It.

By Mark Audino, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Some innovations happen unintentionally. Somewhere along the path of product development something unexpected emerges – literally by accident. And many of those happen-chance discoveries have proved to be indispensable and life changing. Penicillin. The microwave oven. The X-Ray. Even Coco-Cola was born out of accidental discovery.

But most product development paths produce expected outcomes. Product development typically begins with goals –  usually to solve an unmet need and satisfy core desires. And what usually sets the creative discovery apparatus in motion are some burning questions.

  • Is there a better way?
  • What’s the root cause of the problem and how can it be solved uniquely?

If the end product proves to be totally new, or remarkably different, or of indispensable value, it earns the status of innovation. But this is just the product development side of the innovation equation. Other questions are just as important.

  • Who is it for?
  • And what makes them different enough to want something better?
  • Why now?

Meta-Brain Golf™

This was a very intentional innovation of the Sports Performance practice at Meta-Brain Labs. In fact, we chose golf as for our first sports performance product due to be launched in 2023.

The product development journey started with an audience-in perspective rather than one that is product-out. Because the best products are hyper-relevant to who will use them, we started with in-depth profiles of golfers and deconstructed the game itself to ensure we addressed its complexity from start to finish. We then worked back to design a world-beater capability with some key questions among many others guiding development:

  • What’s unique about the game of golf?
  • Who are golfers, exactly?
  • What barriers and root causes prevent elite performance?
  • What uniquely motivates golfers to strive for continuous improvement?

On the product side, we asked:

  • Are there any solution voids among the plethora of the performance improvement products currently available?
  • How can we address performance improvement in a hyper-personal, easy-to-use way?
  • Can we advance technology that provides remedies at scale?
  • How can we make performance improvements permanent?

The Breakthrough

We relied on golf coaches to continue teaching fundamentals and routines and the steady stream of new golf equipment to offer an edge. So, as one might expect, Meta-Brain Labs centered on the psychological aspects of the game.

Armed with years of research into human behavior and hands-on experience with golf as a sports marketing platform, we regard golf as a passion and a sport. It’s a passion because golfers are passionate. They compete with themselves. They have many standard bearers of excellence to measure against on the PGA TOUR. These bigger-than-life professionals make it appear easy to the point where avid golfers think “I can do that.”

The can-do desire is what drove us to find a better way for golfers. Because passion is rooted in emotion, good performance requires much more than physical ability. Emotion is controlled by the brain, and emotion can help or impede good play. A golfer with a Meta-Brain regulates emotion so it works to a golfer’s advantage. Situations encountered on the course, or anxieties and apprehensions before, during, or after play are addressed proactively with Meta-Brain Golf™.

Going deep into the unconscious mind is where we find the key to unlocking performance improvement that is more assured and permanent. What’s often stored in the unconscious are the perceptions that prove to be self-limiting. We don’t know many of these perceptions are working against us until we know how to discover them and their implications on performance. And once discovered, Meta-Brain Golf™ helps you fix them. What we are solving are the mental barriers preventing elite play by asking why? over and over again in the Meta-Brain Golf™ app.

You have a nagging issue. You slice. Through our science-backed method of self-appraisal, the app engages you in an interrogative dialog to help you find out the real reasons why.

You will still have to practice. You still need the fundamentals of stance, grip, and swing to work as required. But you will be equipped with the mental fitness needed to get the most out of the physical side of your game. And you will enjoy it much more.

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