"The Meta-Brain Golf process changed my short game from half (50%) of my 20-foot putts being 5-6 feet short to only 5% at 5-6 feet from the cup. The improvement now allows me to putt in from 3-4 feet 70% of the time, tapping in from 1-2 feet, 25% of the time. Of all the things I’ve tried over the years as a golf coach, nothing has advanced my game like this, quickly and permanently, as Meta-Brain Golf. I must also say that ease of performance in my mind has changed as well. I no longer fear long putts, I trust my ability and skills, and I can now focus more on other areas more clearly such as choosing the correct line to make long putts accurately. I’m excited to be a part of Meta-Brain Golf’s future adoption across the golfing industry."
–Dr. Joel Peddle, Golf Coach