Adaptive Leadership is a Choice All Leaders Can Make

“Planning and optimizing are still the dominant paradigms of business strategy” according to an article published by the Henderson Institute of the Boston Consulting Group. Consequently, “traditional managerial approaches fall short.”

Why? In a world marked with tension and a ballistic rate of change, mind and body are stretched to cope let alone get ahead. With a higher degree of difficulty imposed by seemingly random, uncontrollable conditions, managerial practices revert instinctively to what’s conventional and familiar when navigating the way forward. Business problems are prioritized and traditional problem-solving ensues. Sometimes it works. In other cases, however, organizations are simply maintaining and not thriving; they aren’t winning bigger and faster than others.

Getting There is a Process of Change

In the context of established leaders leading and executing their every-day responsibilities, adapting sounds logical and even easy to accomplish. There are good leaders leading every day. But, regardless of current levels of skill, the goal of measurable improvement often remains elusive. Regardless of intent or desire to improve, resistance to adapting is intrinsic to human behavior. A more scientific approach is needed to overcome leadership challenges effectively and permanently.

Analyzing both the anatomies of business failures and successes has led to new thinking about organizational leadership. Leaders on a personal level and the leadership culture on an organizational level must be more adaptive, assured, and genuine because making a difference in the marketplace begins with making a difference in the workplace.

Armed with the power of belief in human possibility, Meta-Brain Labs has made a strategic line of business commitment to augment leadership abilities. We challenged ourselves with design thinking to reinvent leadership styles so leaders can lead better, especially in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

Meta-Brain Leader

Adaptive Thinking Builds Adaptive Leaders

Our view of the “engine room” that runs an enterprise in a complex world effectively is a Meta-Brain. It’s the capability to think and manage in new ways through a strong inner self that signals well-reasoned decisiveness, openness, authenticity, and empowerment. Not only in managing functional operations effectively, but also inspiring people to self-opt-in and align unwaveringly to their missions.

Dreamers, start-up adventurers, executives, business owners, managers, and teams can be better visionaries and implementers, better stewards of their brands, and better caretakers of human resources. We developed Meta-Brain Leader™ so leaders and their organizations can outperform internally and in the marketplace.

Meta-Brain leaders lead more assuredly and with grace. They are more genuine, more human. They are selfless. They know what is true. Despite unpredictability, they don’t outsource their thinking. They see more clearly into the future and their methods prevent failing forward. They manage more courageously because they’ve gained better control of the variables. There’s clarity in what and how they communicate; people all know where the mission is headed and what’s needed of each person individually to get there successfully. High-trust working environments flourish; everyone tests traditional boundaries of thought freely. New ideas emerge from the habit of asking why and why not. They constructively challenge orthodoxies because they know many of them no longer work. They’re more resilient when a crisis emerges. They build immutable belief systems for the people they lead and for the markets served. They’re not only open to change; they’ve codified change as a spirited undertaking.

But a Meta-Brain leader doesn’t need to hold executive rank to lead. We designed the Meta-Brain Leader™ program to work regardless of one’s role, function, or title. Its higher calling is to help organizations develop a Leadership-by-All culture. Anyone can develop a Meta-Brain that courageously experiments, collaborates openly, and leads greater achievements. It allows leaders to emerge across an enterprise and find solutions amid complexity.

Meta-Brain Leader™ will help leaders and their people across the enterprise be indispensable to each other, and in doing so, their marketplaces will feel the same way.

Meta-Brain Leader