Alexandrea Day

Founder, CEO, Neurotech Innovator

Longstanding behavioral science clinician, neuroscience innovator, and tech futurist, Alexandrea has pioneered major initiatives that advance societal health and human achievement. Her lifetime of research combined with thousands of client interactions has accrued into a holistic understanding of the human operating system and its intrinsic potential. Earned insights and unique interpretations of both the aspirations and unmet needs of the human condition and how it connects with the world became the motivational force to create a scalable breakthrough in behavioral analysis and change, creating a new treatment methodology.


Mike Lauder


Mike is an accomplished finance executive respected for an over 20-year tenure creating innovative operational strategies to drive growth, mitigate risks and maximize opportunities in technology-driven environments spanning numerous industries.  He has a proven track record of prioritizing strategic planning and budgeting to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Known as a transparent, data-driven leader who fosters high-performing teams to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of required reporting, metrics, and project updates, Mike is an out-of-the-box thinker committed to improving operational systems, processes, and policies to support and fuel business and organizational planning.


Ed Krow

CKO & Company Spokesperson

Ed is a talent and company culture expert who challenges the traditional model of HR and prepares decision-makers for motivating their people with a win-win strategy in the Experience Age.  The only Talent Transformation Expert in his field, Ed has helped over 250 clients achieve talent and culture transformations, including Fortune 500 companies like Bosch, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. When the world went virtual, he was invited to speak to the Global Soft Skills Community at Microsoft, with excellent reviews and feedback, a testament to his value during times of rapid change.


Tom Hunden

Chief Ethics Council Officer

Tom was first introduced to Alex and the Adaptive Therapy concept some thirty years ago as a skeptical, perhaps even disgruntled and jaded, teenager. His mother had become an enthusiast, so eventually Tom was willing to suspend his disbelief and give it a try (just as an experiment of course). That meeting has resulted in an enduring passion for the methodology as well as an enthusiasm for the study of human consciousness, problem-solving, and well-being.

Tom holds an MBA from the University of Washington. He contributed to the development of the strategic plan for the expansion of the DevCo Residential Group and now oversees aspects of its ongoing implementation.


Kim Askey Strasser

Executive VP of Coaching and Content Development

Kim is a Master Certified Life Coach and Executive Nurse Leader who is passionate about guiding and supporting individuals in achieving their highest potential for health, happiness, and balance. Kim has a long-standing history as an expert clinician, influential leader and accomplished public speaker. Her career of caregiving and leadership created a natural path to life and wellness coaching for women. She helps them transform their often-lifelong engrained negative self-image into a positive, productive, and healthy self-image using mindset coaching for deep mind-body connected living.

With a background in nursing, Kim’s expertise is rooted in health and well-being. She holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Leadership and has dual Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Physical Education.


Daniel Guest

President, MetaBrain Golf

Daniel’s passion for the game of golf has been growing his entire life, from an 8 year old hitting clubs he cut down with a neighbors hacksaw to competing at a high level. Originally from West Chester, PA,

Daniel honed his game to a single digit handicap while living in south Florida. In 2012 he founded Imagen Golf with his then teenage son to truly deliver the golf game that people always imagined. He is the host of the Imagen Golf Podcast, a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of the best-selling golf instruction book, Unleash the Golfer WITHIN.  Daniel’s teaching philosophy is based on the experience he has gained learning from some of the best and brightest minds in the golf world such as David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Mike Bender, Mo Norman, David Edel and Fred Shoemaker to name a few.


Andy Parratt

Biotechnology Adviser, MetaBrain Healthcare

As a commercial strategy consultant Andrew leverages his expertise in product development, commercialization, launch strategy, lifecycle & alliance management and business development to help client companies, in multiple markets and therapy areas, develop, launch, and gain access for, compelling products.

At Karuna Therapeutics, he led the cross-functional launch team developing and executing the go-to-market plan, including building the foundation for and securing funding for a launch organization of >300 people and annual budget of $100M.

Previously, Andrew served as Achaogen’s VP of Marketing for Zemdri, an antibiotic. He built commercial strategy, access and marketing groups and developed and executed marketing & distribution strategy.


Dr. Holly Hagen

Neuropsychologist Adviser

Dr. Holly Hagen has been a clinical neuropsychologist for over ten years working with the lifespan (ages 3 to 90). Her experience includes providing neuropsychological evaluations to assess a multitude of indications including mood disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and dementia; with a focus on identifying brain-behavior relationships. Additionally, she has experience working in clinical trials both as a clinical rater and as a clinical scientist where she is active in protocol review, subject eligibility, and data reviews.


Adrian Bubela

Technical Director

Since 2003, as an engineer, he has specialized in Neural Networks and Machine learning (ML) as a set of methods in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field, a set of algorithms applied to create a machine that learns from its own experience. The basis of this is processing huge data arrays and finding and recognizing patterns by Neural Networks.

His first achievement is the development of software solutions using dynamic neural networks that operate based on expert data and imitate the natural human brain behavior. The peculiarity of these dynamic neural networks is the specific forming of their primary topology, adapting to a large number of expert’s conclusions in various fields of science, as well as the further reformatting and adaptation of this topology and the neural network structure with their gradual learning during the use of technology based on each newly acquired knowledge.


Robin Ann Yurk

MD, MPH, Ethics Council Adviser

Robin Ann Yurk, MD, MPH is a Physician | Senior Executive with 30+ years of Healthcare experience for Academic & Community Hospitals, Private Research Organization and Private companies for profit and nonprofit.  She has contributed to healthcare entrepreneur leadership as an entrepreneur CEO for MDyurk | DecisionShare, LLC with other C-suite team member roles, and as a Senior Medical Advisor for Wallcott Holdings, LLC a domestic and global healthcare infrastructure economic strategy.  She has 15 years of health system and front line physician experience from clinical practice with the HRSA BPHC Medical Center Foundations as a physician specialist. In addition, her medical training includes completion of a General Internal Medicine Fellowship from Johns Hopkins Medicine, a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, a doctor of medicine from Creighton University School of Medicine and a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes


Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, MD, EMBA is a highly qualified and experienced professional with expertise in bioethics, digital ethics, healthcare policy, and management. Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes holds bioethics certifications from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the National Institute of Health, and is an Advisory Partner at Virtue Consultants, an international ethics consultancy firm. She is an Affiliate Faculty Member at the UM Miller School of Medicine’s Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy, leading the World Metaverse Council’s Ethics Working Group, and serves as an expert advisor on digital ethics for the European Union’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

Previously, Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes served as Chief Ethics Officer for the Government Blockchain Association, Chief Quality and Safety Officer at UHealth, and at MEDNAX, a National Medical Group.


Link (aka Chris Duarte)

MS, Ethics Council Adviser

Link, formally known as Chris Duarte, is the “missing link” between people, culture and technology. As a futurist and global advocate for invisible people, Link’s mission is to inspire the world to be more inclusive of everyone. He is the Founder of Linking Dreams Global, a firm that provides human-centered program design, strategy consulting, training, and cultural transformation expertise.

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Link holds 2 Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Sociology, Criminology, Law, and a Master’s Certificate in Business Analytics (HBAP) from Harvard Business School. For more than 20 years, Link has created programs and solutions for organizations in rural communities to reach their underserved populations and reduce disparities among disadvantaged people.