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We are an emerging company at the forefront of pioneering research, delving into the complex realm of the unconscious mind—a realm teeming with enigmatic secrets. The profound influence of our minds on our daily lives is undeniable, and we firmly believe that, beyond mere awareness, lies the potential to revolutionize outcomes in both medicine and mental health.

Consider the possibilities:

  • What if we could intervene at the root of PTSD triggers, effectively mitigating their impact?
  • What if we could pinpoint the cognitive patterns that lead to the development of specific diseases?
  • What if we could engineer products that significantly enhance the mind’s capacity to accelerate learning processes?
  • What if we could gain profound insights into our unconscious motivations, thereby significantly boosting overall productivity?
  • What if we could create pharmaceuticals specifically designed to induce or inhibit emotions, free from any side effects?
  • What if we could unravel the fundamental elements that define our humanity?

These questions and their potential solutions represent the forefront of our burgeoning scientific discipline. Consequently, we are actively seeking collaborative partners to embark on clinical research initiatives and innovative collaborations that will drive groundbreaking discoveries for the betterment of humanity.

In the short term, our primary focus revolves around advancing the development

of a Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT). However, our broader, long-term vision encompasses a more ambitious endeavor: We aspire to delve deep into the intricate relationship between personality traits and the human genome, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to predict susceptibility to a range of disease conditions. Additionally, we will apply our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methodologies to assist individuals in modifying their personalities, serving as a proactive measure for disease prevention.

Our existing Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) platform, already deployed in the market under MetaBrain Golf and MetaBrain Self, facilitates mindset transformation by measuring brain waves to identify and address limitations that hinder performance. This technology serves as the foundation for our future innovations in the areas outlined above.

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