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Bespoke Software Dev

Our platform facilitates tailored software development of your innovation, integrating your choice of sensors/devices to minimize risk and reduce costs.

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We provide comprehensive research services, including studies with human subjects, to validate and substantiate your innovative solutions.

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IP Protection

Innovations developed utilizing our platform may be eligible for patent protection, which can be pursued collaboratively with our assistance or independently.

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  • Custom Sensor / Device Selection
  • Custom algorithms
  • Bespoke Software development per your requirements
  • Validate your product with research
  • Protect your invention with patent protection
  • Support end-to-end to realize your invention

Your Needs

We develop customized requirements on our platform to help you quickly release a prototype or MVP.  When ready for customer acquisition we build additional features per your requirements.  We collaborate every step of the way.

Our Expertise

We give you a jump start developing your innovation, built upon our platform, patents, and R&D.  We help you develop requirements, features and goals you want to meet in your invention, help you gather R&D to validate your inventions and then secure it with patents.


We offer services ala carte based upon your needs whether its to get a prototype built to raise capital or a research study to validate your product.

Our pricing is customized to align with your specific requirements, ensuring we formulate a plan that respects your financial framework. Understanding the critical phases of growth and the necessity for early solutions to secure investment, we commit to supporting you at each stage of your journey.

After assisting in the design and development of your solution, we can offer further support with R&D, securing patent protection, and providing marketing assistance.

Indeed, we ensure secure hosting through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, offering scalable delivery to your customers based on usage.

We Build Big Ideas

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