Brainy tech. Remarkably human.

Our product strategy was designed with an audiences-in lens. We see the human condition that is challenged by a world marked with tension and a ballistic rate of change. Mind and body are stretched in coping with it and achieving one’s aspirations faces a higher degree of difficulty imposed by seemingly random, uncontrollable conditions. And yet, there is spirit, resilience, and a vibrant will designed into humankind that far exceeds its basic instinct for survival. Humanity wants to triumph and thrive. So, we’ve taken a positive approach to not only solving real-life struggles, but also freeing up energy to achieve aspirations and accomplishments through  innovative products across multiple lines of business.

Enterprise Transformation

Among our first product initiatives is addressing the need for exemplary leadership in at work environments. For those leading growth and turnaround journeys, we developed Meta-Brain Leader™.  And because no one owns the franchise for leadership, Meta-Brain Leader™ is for everyone regardless of where they sit on an organization chart. Many new leaders will emerge from the inner strength and confidence gained by their Meta-Brains.

And because most organizations succeed through collaboration, shared values, and integrated processes, we’re working on a special version of the Leader product for Teams.

Sports Performance

Sports is not only a main feature of modern culture, it’s big business. It’s also intensely personal. Many in this at play world are on a mission to improve performance so they can achieve higher levels of competitiveness, reward, and enjoyment. That’s why we’re developing a range of products for the sports world, especially the sports that would most benefit from a Meta-Brain.

Among the “brainiest” of sports is the game of golf. An infinite number of shots, multiple clubs, and variable course conditions all contribute to the complexity of golf’s physics. But mastering it requires more than good equipment, lessons, and frequent practice.

Meta-Brain Golf™ is our first entry into the Sports Performance category. It’s designed to build the mental fitness necessary to optimize physical performance. Golfers with a Meta-Brain play with a state of mind where fear of failure, lack of control, and frustrations are overcome through guided adaptive hyper-learning. Mind and body sync for a higher level of performance that lasts.


Think big picture as in a healthier and happier humanity. Meta-Brain Adaptive Living™ will harmonize mind and body on a macro scale. It’s a major undertaking and we’re doing extensive research to make it capable of life’s many nuances, anomalies, and a diversity of perspectives and situations. In the end, it will align mind and body in a healthier human ecosystem that’s more energized to pursue new accomplishments. We can’t think of a nobler cause to pursue in earnest.

There’s much more to come. With the addition of AI in the future and a feedback loop, each App will be able to increase relevance with greater suggestion quality and capacity. 


The Adaptive Theory platform architecture provides limitless opportunities for new value creation. One of our strategy pillars is to invite talented minds to extend the boundaries of creativity in their own unique ways and develop new applications spanning a broader spectrum of human environments. 

Our licensing program, backed by world-class technical support, was purposely designed for researchers, developers, and strategic partners to develop never-before ways of enhancing the human brain-body biosystem. But because our neurotech probes the unconscious mind and reveals human intent, several applications beyond sports performance, managerial leadership, and healthcare are possible. For example, Adaptive Theory can provide a totally new capability for the risk management and security sector.

Whatever your area of specialization might be, we are ready for inspired conversations about our technology and will collaborate openly to help your vision come to life.

Meta-Brain Leader