The Search for Eliminating Doubt

By Joel Peddle, Ed.D, Brand Ambassador, Meta-Brain Golf™

Doubting my abilities have plagued my potential throughout much of my life. It’s like wearing a weighted vest throughout the day only to realize that you can’t take it off. It began in my childhood with my perception of myself and that of my peers. I remember knowing that I was not the smartest kid in the classroom and allowing that feeling to dictate my entire perception of my academic ability and potential. Sitting in the low group was a lonely place. So, I reverted to sports where I gained confidence and made friends. I excelled in sports that required speed and hand/foot eye coordination. My athletic ability took me as far as playing collegiate baseball but once I graduated, I never competed athletically again until I started playing golf. 

In the early 2000s golf was just a hobby as I pursued a graduate degree in Educational Leadership.  During graduate school I discovered that, my former doubting self who believed that I was not academically capable, had betrayed me and that I was gifted academically. I was capable. I was smart. I learned that scores on tests like the SAT, ACT, or GRE did not determine my future, my intellectual abilities, nor my potential. I discovered that I had academic grit, a trait that is not determined by a number. The ability to pursue my goals with rigor and perseverance led me to earn my Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2013. Golf during those years was still a hobby. It provided me with a sanctuary of peace and relaxation from the academic grind. 

I’m now entering the next phase of my life, having completed 30 years of public education. Golf has now become more than just a hobby. My love for learning transferred right into golf and I quickly picked up where I had left off during my academic research years. I spent hundreds of hours studying and learning the mechanics of the golf swing. I started teaching golf with the First Tee of Central Carolina beginning in 2010. Parents began asking me if I could give private lessons and within a short time, I was teaching juniors and adults on a regular basis.

After several years of teaching, I decided that I needed to step up my own golf game so that I could be a more informative instructor. My goal was to become a scratch player and start entering local golf tournaments. In tournament after tournament, I struggled with distance control of my putts and finally, I realized after listening to several mental performance podcasts that my struggle was not in my putting technique but was more mental. 

I thought that I had conquered the evils of self-doubt years ago but learned that its roots were still there in my unconscious and controlling my ability to effectively putt well. It was during this time of self-discovery that I became more and more fascinated with the brain and like many individuals do, they surf the web, read articles, or books in search for answers.

I reached out to a company that makes an EEG device and within a short period Alexandrea Day, CEO and Founder of Meta-Brain Labs contacted me. Our conversation led to the unimaginable, a solution to eliminating doubt, fear, and negative mindsets that interfered with my performance on the golf course, more specifically putting.

Alexandrea explained and showed me how to remove mental barriers by scientifically reprogramming of my mind. A process that is so simple to do through the Meta-Brain Golf™ App and a portable EEG Device.  What is amazing is not only did Meta-Brain Golf™ remove a self-limiting belief in an area of my putting performance, it also removed the roots of “doubt,” opening a new world of confidence and self-belief.  Teaching the mechanics of golf is a passion that has brought lots of joy in my life but having the ability to share with others how to remove self-limiting beliefs that effect mental performance and replace them with permanent behavior change is an extraordinary life story.

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