From Sports and High Achievers to Mental Health Care

Our Passion is Research

The unconscious mind is a new frontier that can can be investigated with BCI technology.  MetaBrain Labs is on the forefront of this discovery.  Following are a number of use cases that we are working on now and will be researching in the future.

Meta-Brain Golf Improves 20' Putts by 32% in 2 Weeks

Golfers that Want to Excel

MetaBrain Golf™ was designed to help golfers explore the unconscious state of the mind on a very personal, 1-to-1 level and overcome any dissonance between the mental and athletic aspects of their game. It puts the brain and body in harmony through better mind control over typical stress-inducing situations arising from the game’s complexities.

A golfer will first probe their unconscious during the self-appraisal phase of the process to reveal any self-limiting beliefs and perceptions and why they exist. Once the reasons are identified, a guided path of self-change emerges to achieve the desired result. View our golf pilot study results.

MetaBrain Golf™ applies NeuroTech to cross-disciplines of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Adaptive, Learning and Self-affirmation Theory. EEG-enabled NeuroTech measures brainwaves and informs a chatbot Q&A module that reveals misalignments between what a person thinks they know and what is actually true from within. What one knows, what one wants consciously, and what one doesn’t think can be done is revealed by listening to one’s self-talk through the chatbot.

As MetaBrain golfers work on restructuring their limiting mindsets, the application will guide them step-by-step from problem discovery to solution reinforcement. They will acquire higher levels of clarity about their inner selves and leverage the newfound confidence that was always within their power to achieve and maintain. Better control, more consistency, and greater predictability prevents golfers from failing forward.


The Mindset Determines How Well an Athlete Executes their Training

Team or Individual Sports - For Highly-driven Achievers

The MetaBrain Chatbot can be used in any sport to change any limiting mindset from “going all in to get the ball,” to jumping higher or simply being more agile.  Fear is limiting but fearless can be created in the mind specifically while performing any move or action.  The reason why one feels fear needs to be identified, reversed (from fear to fearless) and reinforced over a couple of weeks to create the new behavior, permanently.  An athlete can literally change their mindset that limits them, quickly and permanently, allowing them to perform at their peak ability.

Self-Improvement, Well-being, Living Your Dreams

Achievers Driven to Live the Best Version of Themselves

The MetaBrain Chatbot provides direct access to the 95% of our mind that is deemed “unconscious,” the mind that drives most of our behavior autonomously, without us directing nor deciding.  While this seems a bit scary to think we aren’t really living as freely as we imagine, it is the best way for us to operate safely.

Now with MetaBrain Chatbot anyone can explore their unconscious mind, remove the clutter and the directives that just aren’t working and replace them with an empowering mindset that leaves nothing off the table.  There’s a reason why so many successful leaders tell us, “We just need to change our mindset to succeed, to have or be anything we want.”  It’s because its true and until now, there has been no proven way to perform this task.  Now Meta-Brain Chatbot guides and validates anyone’s guesses as to what’s in their unconscious they want to change and provide the reinforced learning process to make it happen.

Any person in any area of their life where they want to achieve more can be tackled with the MetaBrain Chatbot from workplace limitations, personal or relationships, and of course at any area of performance where a better outcome is desired.

The MetaBrain Self cohorts and private sessions offers support to those that use the MetaBrain Chatbot.  Visit sister site: to learn more!


Helping People Find Meaning & Purpose

Mental Health

While MetaBrain Labs is committed to helping driven achievers perform at their best, there is a deep passion to help people rise up from any where, as any one.

We can’t ignore this market because so many people need help that do not have access to it.  The Meta-Brain Chatbot is needed by 25% of the 8 billion global population with mental disorders. It’s foundation is built and over the next few years will emerge as a self-assessment, self-change solution that addresses many different issues from depression and PTSD to suicidal ideation and self-harm.  The data collected from users will then be used to predict what specific emotions repeatedly experienced become a risk factor in disease conditions to add to the body of knowledge about how humans can navigate life much more consciously.

While other companies are developing tech to manage services and increase access to care in underserved communities, we are developing a new treatment method that is simple and proven effective over the last 40 years. We believe our solution can improve millions of lives and seek partners to realize this potential.

We intend to head toward FDA approval as a treatment model however, we currently utilize the MetaBrain Chatbot to empower human potential.

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